Symptoms of gout:

Gout is a disorder of purine metabolism in which a high serum uric acid is found and there is deposit of urate crystals within joints causing exquisite pain and tenderness. Gout is a very painful condition that most commonly affects the joints in the big toe, though it can also affect any of your joints. Other joints affected include: heels, insteps, ankles, knees, fingers, wrists, and elbows.

The signs and symptoms of gout are almost always acute, occurring suddenly - often at night - and without warning. They include:

  • Severe pain in your joint
  • Swelling and Warmth around your joint
  • Red and shiny skin around you joint
  • Mild fever
  • Firm, white lumps beneath you skin - these are urate crystals called tophi
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Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Treatment Gout Pain:

Acupuncture can be very helpful in the treatment of arthritic conditions. Gout sufferers who have tried Acupuncture at our clinic confirm that acupuncture has helped them to control their pain and manage their daily lives better. We also use natural herbal medicine to promote the discharge of uric acid from the body to reduce the number of gout attacks our patients experience. For each patient’s treatment, condition will be evaluated individualy during the consultation, and the treatment plan will be made based on the assessment. Life style instruction will also involved as a part of the treatment for long term effect.