Dizziness & Vertigo

Majority of patients seek treatment for dizziness and vertigo without having an official neurological diagnosis, and often seek treatment for lightheadedness or faintness. During consultation, the main goal is to identify key symptoms and patterns, then plan treatment accordingly.

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Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Treatment for Dizziness/Vertigo:

1. Excess pattern

Patients in addition to experiencing vertigo may also feel dizzy, restless, and irritated. Other less common symptoms which patients may have include high pitch tinnitus, dry mouth, bitter taste in the mouth early in the morning, or dry itchy eyes. Acupuncture treatment will first calm the patient and cool down the body, sometimes a bleeding technique may be applied. Patients may also suffer from headache, migrain, or neck pain along dizziness and vertigo. These symptoms will be treated simultaneously in order to achieve maximum overall relaxation of the patient.

2. Deficient pattern

Patients may frequently feel tired, over exhaustion will exacerbate the dizziness or vertigo, while improved rest will alleviate these symptoms. Acupuncture treatment first will focus on improving body energy by calming down the mind and promoting rest. Any symptom that may expend body energy will be treated simultaneously, such as nausea, bloating after meal, and insomnia.