About Stress:

Stress, this is something that more and more of my patients are experiencing daily and finding that it is interfering with their health and happiness. Recently there have been several medical studies showing the relation between high stress levels and decreased health. In Chinese medicine stress affects the flow of qi and eventually blood flow within the body, causing stagnation.

Symptoms of stress

  • anger, irritability, frustration
  • stiffness in the muscles, commonly neck and shoulders
  • the heart starts beating more rapidly
  • trouble sleeping
  • depression
  • irregular menstrual cycle
  • premenstrual symptoms, moodiness, bloating
  • migraine or tension headaches
  • chest constriction, anxiety
  • frequent sighing
  • the palms start to sweat
  • blood pressure elevates
  • digestion shuts down
  • poor concentration
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Treatment details coming soon.