Night Sweat

Night sweat symptoms can range from very mild to severe cases where the bed sheets may be drenched in sweat. During consultation, we investigate the patient’s body condition which is causing the night sweats. Night sweats which usually respond quickly to acupuncture treatment are listed below:

1. Night sweats with fatigue

Patients will present with excess heat, and dry mouth, which may be caused by over working or staying up late into the night. Acupuncture treatment aims to cool down the body and reduce the amount of night sweat. Patients will have improved sleep and increased body energy in the days following treatment because the night sweats disturb sleep and consume body energy. Next step of treatment is to help the patient to achieve and maintain regular water intake, regular sleep schedule, and lifestyle changes.

2. Night sweats with a cold body and feeling of exhaustion

Patients may feel that their body fluctuates between cold and hot when tossing and turning in bed. This occurs when the body is weak, overworked, or over stressed. Acupuncture treatment aims to calm down the mind for the first 10 to 20 minutes of treatment, then we use Acupuncture with moxibustion to warm up the body. Strong energy points will be chosen at the lower abdomen for this treatment.

3. Night sweats during menopause

This kind of night sweat is usually combined with hot flashes. Acupuncture treatment will stop the night sweats after 1 to 3 treatments, but hot flash will take more treatments to reduce. For more information on Menopause, visit the page Menopause treatment under female health.

4. Others

If you have night sweats with fevers which are not caused by an infection, or you have night sweats along with unintentional weight loss. In our consultation, we will recommend you see your family doctor because the underlying condition could be more serious.