Many patients who come visit the clinic complain of feeling exhaustion which isn’t alleviated by rest, which is more often known as chronic fatigue. Our treatment goal for fatigue aims to improve body energy, but furthermore, improve the patient’s whole body condition. The main aspects related to fatigue which we enquire during consultation include, sleep quality, digestion, and stress level, we then create an individualized treatment plan accordingly.

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Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Treatment for Fatigue:

1. Fatigue related to stress

With this kind of fatigue, patients feel tired and that their body feels tight in early morning, the fatigue feeling usually gets better after physical activity. The degree of fatigue also varies with emotional changes, meaning that the patients will feel more energized if their mind is calm, and worse when stressed.

Acupuncture treatment initially aims to relax the mind and loosen the muscles, and then work on improving overall body energy level. Following each treatment, patients will feel relaxed and will have improved quality of sleep. In the following days, patients will feel improvement in body energy. Many patients suffer headache ,migrain or neck pain alongside fatigue, and these symptoms will be treated along with the fatigue treatment.

2. Fatigue mostly in the afternoon

Patients feel much more tired in the afternoon and evening compared to early in the morning. The fatigue may cause decreased focus and poor memory. Acupuncture treatment will focus on improving body energy initially, and then improve blood circulation to the brain, often patients will feel the racing mind slow down after the acupuncture needles are inserted.

3. Fatigue worsen following meals

Patient feels very tired after lunch, experiences bloating for a period of time, and may also be present with loose stool. Acupuncture treatment will focus on treating the digestive system, and improving body energy at the same time. Usually patients will feel the improvement of body energy with reduced bloating following meals.

4. Mental fatigue

Patients experience fatigue alongside stress, anxiety, and overall lack of motivation. Patients also complain of these symptoms interfering with their everyday life, and some even feel that they are not able to perform properly in work.Acupuncture treatment will aim to relax the mind first, and then focus on improving sleep quality. Better sleep could make patients feel refreshed, more energetic, and boost their interest in work and life. Fatigue will gradually decrease with treatment for the mind and sleep.

5. Fatigue related to other conditions

Conditions and certain diseases can also cause fatigue and decrease quality of life. These include but not limited to: morning sickness, insomnia, flu, hypothyroidism, surgery, high fever, and cancer treatment. Acupuncture treatment could improve general body condition, such as increasing appetite, improving quality of sleep, and increasing blood circulation. All of these improvements will help treat the patient's initial condition or disease.